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How to watch three arrays

Created Friday 18 August 2023


Download example from this video (check attachments below!)
STM32F103CBT6 project from this video (STM32CubeIDE project + JSON file for STM32CubeMonitor) or use universal step by step approach from this video.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Download CubeArrays v1.0 (here)
  2. Open STM32CubeMonitor, find three stripes / hamburger in up-right corner and press it to open menu → Import
  3. In "Import nodes" windows select "Local" → STM32CubeMonitor_BasicFlow.json → press Import button
  4. Delete "show notification", "myChart" and "Clear Graphs" nodes
  5. Three stripes / hamurger → Import → Clipboard tab → "select a file to import" button → find and select cubearrays10.json → Import button
  6. Connect variables node upper output to "CubeArrays v1.0" function input node
  7. Double-click "CubeArrays v1.0" function node, select "On Message" tab, scroll down to const arrayNames=["arrayName1","arrayName2",...
  8. Replace "arrayName1", "arrayName2" by actual array names put in quotes (case sensitive!)
  9. Double-click Chart #1, write first array element count in "OR points" field
  10. If you added Chart node by yourself, set "Set X-axis Label" to "custom" and enter "x"
  11. Set Y-axis min and max values according to your requirements. For uint8_t it would be min: 0, max: 255
  12. Configure Chart #2 and Chart 3 in the same manner
  13. Double-click myProbe_Out node, select your STLink probe. If list is empty, press pencil button, select your ST-Link, write some Name, press "Add" button → "Done"
  14. Double-click myProbe_In node, select your ST-Link probe → "Done"
  15. Compile your project, find debug directory with ELF file
  16. Double-click "myVariables" node → Pencil button near "Executable"
  17. Paste ELF file folder path to "Folder" field → Press "File" drop-down list and select your project .elf file
  18. Press "Expand Variable List" → write first array name in lower-right "filter" field and press "Select All" button
  19. Select all elements of second and third array using same approach: write name in filter → press "Select All"
  20. Write some text in "Name" field, this will enable "Add" button
  21. After pressing "Add" button large arrays cause significant delay before STM32CubeMonitor user interface become responsive
  22. Press Deploy button → Dashboard button → in opened window START ACQUISTION button
  23. Correct chart configurations if some graphs are out of scale