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Created Saturday 11 November 2023

ICs for interfacing MIPI CSI-2 image sensors:

These IC's also may be used to interface non-mipi image sensors. Various FPGA/CPLDs may be used. For example, Altera's MAX2 FPGA used in ArduCAM shield to interface 14 megapixel image sensor with non-mipi interface.

Older "Camera Controller" ICs:
These ICs are used in notebooks and old tablet PCs. Supported resolution is pretty low, around 2 megapixels. Not much information available on these ICs online. Typical configuration includes external ROM with some configuration or even binary code for particular image sensor. Most camera controller chips support MJPEG compression and acquire only RAW image data. Recent camera controller chips also may support H.264 compression and higher resolution (8 megapixels for sonix SN9C5259).

IP camera SOC:

Image sensor interface chip manufacturers:

Interesting HI3518 (non-MIPI) related posts on Mark4H's blog:

Image sensors:
Most popular image sensor manufacturers are ON Semiconductor (Aptina), Omnivision and Sony. Some sensors include on-chip MJPEG compression. MJPEG compression is useful for slower parallel interfaces, such as STM32F4 DCMI (Digital camera interface).

ON Semiconductor 14 megapixels: MT9F002 (used in ArduCAM, interfaced through FPGA)
Omnivision 5 megapixels: OV5640, OV5642 (used in ArduCAM, interfaced through FPGA)
Sony 8 megapixels: Sony IMX179 (used in various USB3.0 8mp camera modules, check Leopard Imaging).